Case studies

Icy work of art: GEZE sliding door for the Jukkasjärvi Ice Hotel

The new ICEHOTEL 365 in Jukkasjärvi in the north of Sweden is the first ice hotel to welcome guests all year round to its luxurious and artistic suites - constructed entirely from ice and snow. GEZE has contributed to the impressive design of the ICEHOTEL 365 with a tailor-made sliding door system.

ICEHOTEL 365 in facts and figures

When the first hotel made completely out of ice was built in Jukkasjärvi in 1989, it brought worldwide attention to the small area, around 200 km north of the Arctic Circle. Today, the ice hotel is one of the most famous hotels in the world.

  • The ice hotel construction is a 35,000 m² blend of snow and ice - enough to create 700 million snowballs
  • 1,000 hand-cut ice crystals decorate the chandeliers of the hotel foyer
  • The ICEHOTEL has 300 beds, 150 of which are normal beds and 150 ‘cold’ beds made of ice
  • The average indoor temperature in the hotel is -5° C is - all year round
  • 546 international artists have worked on the design of the ice hotel since 1989

Sustainability and creativity define the ice hotel

The concept of the ICEHOTEL is to create an artistic, life-enriching place out of the supposedly forbidding raw material of ice. Protected by thick natural stone walls – and an additional layer of snow in the winter – the indoor temperature at the hotel stays at a constant -5 °C all year round. Sustainability is a major factor in the ICEHOTEL concept - ultimately, the hotel is constructed entirely from natural materials, it doesn’t require heating and it is operated by its own solar power system throughout the summer.

A sliding door system for the maximum design demands

ICEHOTEL 365 glass façade with glass sliding door.

The quiet ECdrive linear sliding door drive offers convenience for countless movement cycles.

Since its first inception, the ICEHOTEL has not only been a hotel: it is also an art exhibition providing space for international artists. The ICEHOTEL 365 was also created on the premise that ice and creativity would be united in art. The impressive semicircular glass façade from the Swedish glass façade supplier Norr AB fits perfectly into the unusual architecture of the hotel, and is a real eye-catcher. GEZE supplied an automatic sliding door with the ECdrive drive for the unique glass façade. Not only is the ECdrive linear sliding door drive extremely quiet, it is also exceptionally reliable - even when visitor numbers are at their maximum and in the constantly cold temperatures close to the Arctic Circle. This means that guests, visitors and staff at the ice hotel benefit all year round from maximum ease of access in a harmonious and contemporary design.

GEZE ECdrive sliding door system in the ICEHOTEL 365

  • Extremely quiet linear sliding door drives
  • Reliable technology and high efficiency
  • Functionality with countless movement cycles
  • Intelligent digital controls
  • Individual movement parameter settings
  • The door behaviour adapts automatically to usage levels
  • FR versions with emergency exit function
  • Contemporary elegant design