Connectivity possible for door control units - TZ 320 Series

TZ 320 S UP * Door control unit for controlling escape route doors with key switch

  • Flat impact cover enables fast and safe activation of the illuminated emergency push button in panic situations
  • Coloured terminals simplify installation
  • Three freely configurable inputs and two freely configurable outputs offer numerous possibilities for additional components
  • Number of inputs and outputs can be expanded using the IO 420 interface module or the KL 220 clamping box
  • Compact design with only two flush-mounted boxes
  • Integrated key switch enables authorised access to emergency exit
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Door control unit for controlling escape route doors with key switch

Application Areas

  • EltVTR-compliant protection of an emergency exit against unauthorised access
  • Can be used on single and double leaf doors
  • Connectivity via bus enables e.g. interlocking door system control, forwarding of alarms, connection to building management system
  • Can be combined with motor locks and swing door drives
  • Realisation of a bidirectional emergency exit
  • Flush-mounted installation ensures seamless integration into the building

Technical data

TZ 320 S UP
Width 81 mm
Height 152 mm
Type of installation Flush-mounted installation
Temperature range -10°C...+55°C
IP rating IP30
Operating voltage 24 V DC
Current consumption 100 mA
Supply voltage 24 V DC
Contact rating 30 V / 1 A
Sabotage contact Yes
Number of inputs 3 Stk.
Number of outputs 2 Stk.
Emergency push button Yes
Visual display yes
Volume 75 db
Type of cylinder Euro profile half cylinder
With ribbon cable Yes
Parameter setting ST 220 service terminal
conforms to the EltVTR (guidelines for electronic locking systems) Yes

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