Levolan 60 wood * Sliding door fitting for 60 kg wooden leafs for wall and ceiling installation

Levolan 60 A sophisticated solution for the easy functional design and effortless movement of manual sliding door in internal applications
  • Design sliding door fitting system for timber doors up to 60 kg in leaf weight
  • Slim design with integrated door fitting technology
  • Fully integrated in the track
  • The Levolan Smart fix installation system means the use of assembly tools is reduced to a minimum - for quick and convenient installation
  • Final assembly of the door fitting by simple clipping
  • With damping on one or both sides for doors with up to 60 kg leaf weight, so that the door is quietly slowed down and moved automatically into the end position
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  • Tested for durability in accordance with DIN EN 1527 over 100,000 test cycles
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Application Areas

  • For design-oriented interior sliding doors for living and office areas
  • For all single- and multiple-leaf sliding doors
  • Installation in front of the wall
  • For attachment on the wall and ceiling (directly and concealed) as well as for glass installation
  • Damped on one or both sides with Levolan 60 SoftStop
  • Smooth running with Levolan 60 SoftStop makes it particularly well suited for doors in living and office spaces

Technical data

Levolan 60 wood
Leaf material Wood, Steel sheets
Leaf weight (max.) 60 kg
Leaf width (min.) 400 mm
Leaf width (max.) 1240 mm
Leaf height (max.) 3500 mm
Leaf thickness to 40 mm
Track geometry straight
EN 1670 Corrosion resistance 3 (acc. to EN 1670: Class 0 = none defined, Class 1 = low, Class 2 medium, Class 3 = high, Class 4 = very high, Class 5 = extraordinary)
EN 1527 Continuous function 100,000 test cycles
Type of installation Wall, Ceiling, Concealed in the ceiling, Glass installation
DIN direction left / right
Manual operation Yes
Surface anodised
Colour EV1


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