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Documents on this site are just a summary and are based on information considered correct and reliable at the time of its publishing. It is not GEZE's intention for this site to be used as the primary source of registered information, but as subsiediary information  to that obtained from GEZE's authorised representatives.

We do not guarantee and assume no responsibility for the accuracy, timeliness, and completeness of the information or recommendations contained on this site and GEZE is not contractually or otherwise liable to the user for loss or damage as a result of relying on these recommendations.

This site is intended to provide general information that is not specifically provided or necessarily suited to the objectives, needs or requirements of certain persons. In accordance with the above, it is not recommended to take action based either on these recommendations or this information without consulting a GEZE representative.  GEZE is a registered trademark, and its logo can only be used with the express permission of the company.

GEZE must be specified as the source of all photos or images downloaded from this site.

GEZE Romania SRL is a subsidary of GEZE GmbH in Germany

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Reinhold-Vöster-Str. 21-29
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