TS 500 NV

TS 500 N EN3 with hold-open unit * Floor spring for single leaf single-action/double-action doors up to 950 mm leaf width with optional hold-open device

TS 550 NV Floor springs for 1-leaf single/double-action doors
  • Fixed closing force of EN3
  • Can be used for right and left hand doors without conversion
  • Mechanical hold-open unit in the door closer with hold-open area 85°/90°/105°/120°
  • Closing speed can be individually adjusted
  • Hydraulic latching action which accelerates the door shortly before it is closed
  • Integrated back check, slows down doors that are thrown open forcefully
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  • All functions can be adjusted from above and in the installed state
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Application Areas

  • Right and left single- and double-action doors
  • Single- and double-action doors up to 950 mm leaf width and 100 kg weight
  • Floor mounting, concealed

Technical data

TS 500 N EN3 with hold-open unit
Use on single-/double-action door Single-action door, Double-action door
Type of installation Floor
Opening angle (max.) 170 °
Closing force in accordance with EN 1154 EN 3
Leaf width (max.) 950 mm
Leaf weight (max.) 100 kg
DIN direction left / right
Closing force adjustable No
Adjustable closing speed Yes
Back check integrated Mechanically fixed
Position of closing force adjustment Top

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