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Swing door drives are the good little spirits of automatic swing door systems. They unobtrusively ensure that doors open and close smoothly. Thanks to them, thereʼs no need to press a handle or switch when entering a building – and, thanks to activation devices and sensors, the doors open all by themselves the moment they detect us. An invaluable benefit in terms of convenience, accessibility and hygiene. The range of swing door drives is just as diverse as the range of applications for automatic doors. We provide you with an overview of our automatic swing door drives. Of course, you can also contact us personally at any time so that we can work together to find the right solution for you.

Accessibility, convenience, security, energy efficiency – GEZE swing door drives satisfy numerous demands

Powerturn swing door drive in the Dubai Opera building

Functional and aesthetic: Powerturn swing door drive in the Dubai Opera building. © Nicolas Thome / GEZE GmbH

Especially in public building projects, accessibility is particularly important in the building code. Because of this, automatic doors are predominantly used in this area. Also with regard to fire protection regulations automatic swing doors impress with their characteristic features. Because in the event of a fire, for instance, automatic doors close automatically or, thanks to sensory protection, also recognise obstacles in the door. When selecting the right swing door drive, the type of swing door, the installation situation and the resulting demands are decisive. The size, weight and material of the door must be taken into account. Here, for instance, frameless all-glass doors demand different sliding panels than heavy single-action doors made of steel. The location of your automatic door also plays a major role: in a shopping centre, for example, exiting the building only may be called for after a certain time of the day, making it impossible to enter from the outside. Does the swing door drive design be adapted to the ambience and be as invisible as possible, for example at the entrance to a hotelʼs foyer? Or does the automatic swing door have to satisfy special safety aspects, such as when used at an airport? For instance in a hospital, hygiene aspects can also demand the use of special swing door drives.

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For all these different usage scenarios, we offer you a large selection of automatic door operators – and with numerous variants. But don’t worry, we won’t leave you to make the decision alone, and are happy to advise you.

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Four questions to find the right swing door drive

The demands of automatic swing doors are complex, and the right drive plays a key role. As a step-by-step guide to help you as a planner to find your optimal solution, we have listed four questions below to provide you with initial guidance in your selection.

A direct comparison of the features of our swing door drives

  ECturn-Familie Slimdrive EMD Powerturn
Dimensions (H x W x D) 60 x 580 x 60 mm 70 x 650 x 121 mm 70 x 720 x 130 mm
Leaf weight (max.) 125 kg 180 kg
230 kg*
600 kg
Leaf width (min.-max.) 650 – 1100 mm

Roller guide rail: 850 – 1400 mm

Link arm: 750 – 1400 mm
800 – 1600 mm
suited for a high footfall frequency No Yes Yes
Yes/No Yes/Yes Yes/Yes
Electric closing sequence control No Yes Yes
With integrated closing sequence control (IS) No Yes* Yes
For fire and smoke protection doors (F) No Yes*/** Yes
With integrated smoke switch (F/R) No Yes*/** Yes
With integrated closing sequence control for double leaf fire and smoke protection doors (F–IS) No Yes*/** Yes
With IS for double leaf doors, door automation and door closer function (IS/TS) No No Yes
For smoke and heat extraction fresh air supply and escape and rescue routes (Invers) No Yes No

* = Slimdrive EMD-F            ** = depending on the type of installation

GEZE swing door drives at a glance

Automatic swing door systems – product abbreviations

Abbreviation Meaning
F Fire and smoke protection doors
IS Integrated closing sequence control
F-IS Integrated closing sequence control for double leaf fire and smoke protection doors
IS/TS Integrated closing sequence control for double leaf doors, automatic door system and door closer function
Invers Smoke and heat extraction fresh air supply solutions as well as doors in escape and rescue routes
EN7 For large, heavy and intensely used doors

Even when you have very specific demands, we will find a solution Our GEZE Solution Team is looking forward to working with you to find the optimal individual solution for your demands.

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Powerturn in the Dubai Opera building