Case studies

Hermetically sealing doors by GEZE at the Warsaw Children’s Clinic

The Children’s Memorial Institute (CMHI) is one of the biggest and most modern paediatric centres in Poland. Modern door systems by GEZE ensure accessibility and hygiene in the new operating theatres: Hermetically sealing operating theatre doors are perfectly complemented by non-contact radar and proximity switches.

Healing Architecture – modern hospital architecture in Poland

The concept of a children's hospital as a permanent sign of ‘preserving life and health’ dates back to 1965 and was the brainchild of the famous Polish children’s author and Holocaust survivor Ewa Szelburg-Zarembina. The idea turned into the ‘Life and health” social project, and formed the foundation for today's CMHI Instytut Pomnik – Centrum Zdrowia Dziecka (Children's Memorial Health Institute) in Warsaw .

Hermetic and automatic – sealing operating theatre doors

EC drive sliding door system for door leaves up to 120 kg.

Elegant solution: EC drive sliding door system for door leaves up to 120 kg. © H. Łukasz Janicki / GEZE Polska

operating theatres and intensive care units are among the most sensitive areas of the clinic in terms of hygiene. Doors must open very quickly and reliably with barrier-free access, and close with a good seal. The large and heavy door leaves at the wide opening to the largest hybrid operating theatre were therefore equipped with hermetically sealing automatic Powerdrive HT sliding door operator systems.

Powerdrive HT systems create a hermetic seal with the perimeter profile in the final part of the closing process. The hermetic seal with the perimeter profile of the door opening and the floor is created by pushing together special seals that are attached to the perimeter of the door leaf.

Powerdrive door systems were also fitted on large sliding door leaves of up to 200 kilograms. The best example is the specialised doors in the X-ray area, where reliable shielding from the rays is crucial.

Reliable and quiet – sliding and swing door systems by GEZE

TSA 160 NT-F swing door systems.

Practical and hygienic: TSA 160 NT-F swing door systems. © H. Łukasz Janicki / GEZE Polska

EC drive sliding door systems ensure fast and reliable automatic opening of frequently used doors, e.g. in service areas. EC drive door drives handle countless movement cycles of door leaves of up to 120 kg with a consistently high level of barrier-free comfort. With a rounded drive cover, this economical drive solution also supports the uniform look of the many stainless steel doors throughout the clinic building.

Powerdrive and EC drive sliding door system offer optimal ease of access. Their hold-open time adapts to the usage frequency. If the stream of visitors is higher, the door leaves are automatically kept open for longer. The movement parameters of the door leaves can be adjusted individually.

GEZE technology is also in use on the automatic swing doors. The quiet electro-hydraulic TSA 160 NT swing door drive easily and discreetly moves even heavy swing doors with leaf weights. All parameters, such as the opening and closing speed, obstacle detection or hold-open time can be adapted according to the building use. The ‘Push & Go’ function, which can be switched on or off, allows the door drive to be controlled by briefly pressing the door leaf.

Barrier-free and hygienic electric strikes – radar detectors and elbow switches by GEZE

In clinics, being able to enter and open doors ‘without barriers’ and the best possible hygiene for activation devices are essential. The GEZE GC 307+ opens automatic doors without any contact at all. A light hand movement in front of the push button is sufficient. In particularly time-critical situations, a door is already open, for example, before the doctor reaches it. Swing doors also open by briefly touching the door leaf thanks to a ‘Push & Go” solution.

In other cases, the control is activated via GEZE elbow switches These push buttons can also be activated using the elbow to open the door sooner. Hygienic push buttons with antibacterial copper surfaces prevent the spread of germs throughout the clinic.

Technical solutions by GEZE at the Children’s Memorial Health Institute (CMHI) in Warsaw

  • Hermetically sealing sliding door systems with Powerdrive HT drives for large and heavy door leaves
  • TSA 160 NT hydraulic swing door system for 1,600 mm width door leaves up to 310 kg
  • EC drive sliding door system for door leaves up to 120 kg
  • The GEZE GC 307+ radar and non-contact proximity switch for activating automatic doors
  • TS 3000 V door closers and guide rails for leaf widths of up to 1100 millimetres
  • Solutions for smoke and heat extraction and smoke venting